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An Amazing, Healthy, and Surprisingly Delicious Quinoa Salad…Just in Time for Summer!


The following recipe is from  Dr. Anna Maria Levine, who is a terrific cook, runner, and blogger as well!  I met Anna Maria when she was only about 8 or 9 years old…wow, admitting that is humbling and makes me feel way older than I want to be right now.  I wanted to tell you how I met her before I shared with you her wonderful recipe and her great blog Recipes Remembered[Read more…]

Go Bananas! 9 Reasons Bananas are MY Super Fruit

bananaWe eat a ton of bananas at our house. I once brought home six bunches from the grocery store! They are definitely my favorite pre-run snack, and sometimes I eat two or three a day. My kids love them, too. Actually, Sam (#9) used to love them, but lately he’ll take one bite and then mash the rest between his fingers. I guess he likes the way it feels. I’m not sure whether bananas have “super fruit” status, but they are super in my book. Here are nine reasons you should be eating bananas: [Read more…]

What Do You Get When You Combine BOGO Mangoes and Chicken Breasts? A Happy Family!

mangosSometimes I find myself believing that to eat healthy with a large family means to spend more money. As one who shops at Aldi and Super Wal-Mart whenever I can, I know that it can be tempting to buy 29 cent Mac and Cheese, a cheap version of Stouffers lasagna, or some Little Debbie snacks, and to walk out of the store proud of how little I spent. However, I also know that to eat healthy you have to think about good choices and then “shop healthy” too. There have been times when I have walked past the out-of-season fruit because it is too expensive, only to buy Oreo cookies or Ritz Crackers for almost the same price. My kids don’t help matters in this regard. Although I can shop and fill the fridge with groceries, if there are no “real snacks” to fill up the cabinet, we “have nothing to eat!” [Read more…]