New Lily

The Mighty Macs…A Worthwhile Film

My son John (#7) turned eight yesterday, and we celebrated with dinner at CiCi’s Pizza (early carbo-loading for my marathon:)) and a movie (refrained from popcorn, however), “The Mighty Macs”. When we got to the movie the kids were all excited because we were the only ones there, although I saw the empty theater as both good and bad. It was good because we made the mistake of bringing our 2 and a 1/2 year old, who sat through the previews and then thought it was over and wanted to run around. We did our best to keep him occupied, but I was glad no one else was in the theater when he started playing cars on the seats and honking loudly. The bad part was that no one else was there to see this great film. Although it may seem like I drift a little off the subject of exercise, I believe this film exemplifies the values of what many parents and coaches want their kids to aim for, and frankly, what I would like to promote with 9 Kid Fitness, as well. [Read more…]