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Calorie Counting Isn’t the Way to Go

All calories are not created equal

Every once in a while I hear someone ask, “How many calories does that have?”.  The answer should be the same, no matter what the food is that they are asking about…”It doesn’t matter, really.” Calories are not created equal and so will not have identical effects on our weight OR our health.  According to physical therapist Alan Tyson, we should try to remember this fact when making food choices.  Last year’s Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committeee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans showed the following Top 10 sources of calories in the American diet:

1. Grain baked desserts (i.e. cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries etc.)….139 calories a day.

2. Yeast breads …..129 calories a day.

3. Chicken/chicken mixed dishes….121 calories a day.

4. Soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, etc. ……114 calories a day. [Read more…]