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How To Have a Healthy Thanksgiving (And Still Enjoy it)!

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Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?  Food, family, friends… all the ingredients for a wonderful time.  Some people believe it is a day when we get a pass on gluttony, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Thanksgiving can be healthy and delicious! There are plenty of great tasting, healthy recipes for the big Turkey Day.  I have created a list of healthy alternatives (borrowed from various sources) to create an awesome menu for a healthy Thanksgiving….  Please share your healthy Thanksgiving recipes, too (there are so many)!

PotatoGratinWinter Curried Vegetables I don’t know about you, but I love anything curried.  This recipe from Elisa Bosley (Delicious Living) looks like it tastes great…I love that it is make-ahead too! [Read more…]

How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to splurge a little; and to forget about healthy eating for a day. However, it is possible to have a healthy Thanksgiving. The following are nine ways to make your day nutritious and tasty, while not giving up on the Feasting.

1. Remember that the purpose of Thanksgiving is to be grateful for all that we have. It is primarily a day of thanks, not gorging. Food is only one of the many things we have to be thankful for; don’t make it the focus of the day. Begin the day with church or with a family turkey-trot (most cities have them). Our family always plays a big game of football at a nearby field with other families. It’s a way to get outside, exercise and have a good time. [Read more…]