New Lily

It’s Time To Start a Food Journal Again

notebook1214280302vVPF0YIt has been gradual. It has been subtle. It has gone unnoticed.  But it has finally caught up to me.  It is now apparent… I can’t keep eating like this. It is time to start writing it all down again.  A few years ago, when I first started my 9 Kid Fitness website, I decided I needed to invest in my diet and I hired an online nutritionist to help me get back on track.  It wasn’t that I was a junk foodie.  In fact, I have always prided myself on my self-control. However, I wanted to see what I could do to feel better and to perform better. I knew that my nutrition could be improved, but I wasn’t exactly sure how.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend an online nutritionist unless you know exactly what you are getting for your money, and I didn’t get much help in the end.  The one thing I did learn through the process was the benefit of a food journal.  I wrote down what I ate for five days in a row. For the first few days, I tried to eat well, so that I could write down only healthy foods.  But then I realized how silly that was since I was paying someone to help me and I wasn’t being honest with myself. So I told myself not think about the journal. Just to remember to write down what I ate.  After all, who was I trying to fool? I decided if I wanted to make even small changes, I had to be honest.   [Read more…]

Nine Reasons a Food Journal Can Help Nutritionally

I recently filled in a food journal for three consecutive days. I was surprised at how this exercise in discipline (writing down everything I ate) revealed habits that I wasn’t totally aware of. While I had never done this before, I think it can be very helpful in exposing some of the little (or big) problems with our nutritional habits. I did this because I just began a two-month nutrition consultation with sports nutritionist and world-class runner, Alicia Shay. Basically I’m hoping to increase my energy, feel better and improve my running performance. Regardless of whether it is for the purposes of “finding” more energy, losing weight, or simply becoming more conscious of what we are eating, the following are nine reasons I think a food journal can be helpful: [Read more…]