New Lily

Why Fall is the Best Time to Restart a Fitness Plan

It takes about 30 days for your body to adapt to a new lifestyle change.  In other words, after working out consistently for about a month, your body really starts to feel it as something habitual.  It just so happens, I believe, that one month is about the time it takes for us to see real change in our bodies from working out (either from starting up from nothing, or changing up the routine.)  Why is that important to know?  Because this is the best time of year to make a change and stick with it.

So many of us think of January 1st. as the start of new resolutions, however, the following are six reasons I think the fall is the best time to begin fitness resolutions.

1. The Weather It is cooler and less humid in late October, and therefore perfect conditions for running and exercising outdoors.  We sweat less and typically also fatigue slower, due to these changes in the weather. This makes it an ideal time to push ourselves a little harder and not worry so much about the heat index or dehydration, etc. [Read more…]