New Lily

Is a Detox For You?

Detoxification can be good for us…but we need to be smart about it!

I get a lot of questions about “detoxing” these days. There are many types of detoxification programs (I have certainly seen some pretty crazy ones…eating only citrus for 5 days, drinking watermelon smoothies for every meal, etc )…some are safe and some are less so, but what type of detox works best?  It probably depends on what you are looking for in a detoxification program. Is your goal weight loss, optimum digestion health, or just to feel better? Most of us sense extreme when we see it, and a balanced approach is usually the healthiest approach.  I found a good source for this detox question on my twitter feed last week. The Nutrition Twins wrote about it on the Fitbie website and here is the article in it’s entirety…hope it helps answer some questions you may have about detoxing!
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