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But Dr. Sears, I Love Hershey Bars!

Dr. Barry SearsTwo weeks ago my husband James, insisted that I get on Twitter. I don’t understand Twitter. I can’t communicate anything in 140 characters. But, I took the leap and entered the Twitterverse.  Lo and behold, some people actually started following @9KidFitness (that’s me!).  To my pleasant surprise, one of my first followers was the famous diet expert Dr. Barry Sears (a fellow Indiana University grad). Dr. Sears is the author of the famous Zone Diet.  I love the Zone Diet.  It is balanced, makes sense and can be followed by anyone committed to healthier eating.  Dr. Sears made the gracious offer to provide 9 Kid Fitness with some articles for the site.  So,  I am starting off what I hope will be a regular series from Dr. Sears with “What’s the Story with Chocolate?” To read more of Dr. Sears excellent work, check out his author archives.   Thank you Dr. Sears.  Enjoy!

What’s the story on chocolate?

Chocolate is big business, generating about $50 billion in annual worldwide sales. But is it good medicine? Before I get to that answer, let me give you some background on the manufacturing of chocolate. [Read more…]