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Balance in Eating is Not Easy But it is Key

You Must Be Hungry is a book written by a mom who is food journalist and her daughter who battles eating disorders

You Must Be Hungry is a book written by a mom (Sheila Himmel) who is a food journalist and her daughter (Lisa Himmel) who battled eating disorders

My daughter is a runner.  She recently decided that she needed to lose a few pounds in her attempt to drop some time on the track.  My motherhood antenna went up automatically.  Since she already runs quite a bit and also works on strength training, exercise is not something she needs more of.  So she is focusing on the kitchen and on eating healthier.  Of course I am all about my kids eating healthy.

Unfortunately I also know that we all can become out of balance sometimes.  We are, most of us, aware of the issues of eating disorders for teenage girls and young adults.  So when a 17 year-old tells me she wants to drop a few pounds, my first thought is NO!  Yet I also remember that sometime around that same age I first started becoming aware of eating healthier.  In some ways, in fact, the early we recognize that good food choices are important in maintaining healthy weight, the earlier we can make good habits a part of everyday life. [Read more…]