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Nine Goals for the New Year

IMG_6186I am goal oriented.  I love new beginnings and the chance to start again.  I like to write goals down. Not that I ever go back and look at what I wrote, but the process seems official in some way.  Here are my nine goals for 2014 …. not all are resolutions because some of them I already do… I want to keep doing them.  What are your goals?

1. Get rid of junk.  That goes for the kind in my bedroom closet and the kind in the kitchen pantry.  We have too much stuff.  I want to go through every closet and gather all clothes, shoes, etc. that I don’t need, that my children don’t need, and that our house doesn’t need…and give it  away (or throw it away in the case of stained, icky, ancient)

2. Begin each day with the “Hours”.  I received a beautiful set of the Liturgy of the Hours (a way to pray throughout the day) for Christmas.  If I plan to get up at 6 am, I will set the alarm for 5:55 and do some spiritual reading before I tackle the day.  Then end each day the same way.

3.  Sleep more.  This will be difficult.  With nine children (even when three are out of the house for the most part), there are lots of different bedtimes. Most of them much later than mine should be.  The younger children suffer from this as well.  When three boys share a room (from the ages of 4 – 17), it makes it difficult to be diligent about sleep.  In 2014 I resolve to get myself to bed earlier and the rest of the family as well (a tall order).  Sleep is as important as what we eat or how we exercise.  Lacking sleep can be an instigator for many ills.

4.  Eat more protein, less carbs.  Same goes for the kids.  Since my husband was diagnosed with cancer two years ago I have read a lot about diet and nutrition…especially the kind that helps keep cancer at bay.  Carbohydrates (especially white and refined) like certain breads, pasta, rice, etc. can help feed cancer.  Reducing carbs is something we have been doing to some extent over the past year.  For the future I would like to be more deliberate about my family’s diet.

5. Avoid sugar (in lots of carbs).  Or at least eat it in smaller amounts.  Sugar is the enemy…of all of us.  My children included.  So I will attempt to keep it at bay, exorcise it from the cabinets and fridge and replace it with more vegetables.

6. Buy more vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and celery and cut them up every week to place in a bowl of ice in fridge as a snack for the kids. It’s the small things, sometimes, that make a big difference.  Having food ready to go like veggies cut up and available for munching, is a great way to keep kids from opening up cabinets looking for the junk.

7. Spend more time sitting.  At home.  With my children.  Reading to them. Playing games with them.  This is something that shouldn’t have to be on a “to do” list….I should be doing it every day.  But I’m not.   Did it today!!!!

8. Do another triathalon.  After crashing on my bike a number of years ago, I have shied away from getting back on and riding for a workout…let alone a race.  #4 (Peter) got an awesome bike for Christmas and so I hope to get back on mine and ride with him (he leaves for college in July so I don’t have much time).  Maybe an August sprint tri will be the ticket.  Know any in the Charlotte area?

9. Do small things with great love.  That’s from Mother Teresa.  As I inch closer to 50, I realize that it really is the small things we do that make the biggest difference.  We do them everyday.  Smile more…complain less…hug more.

How about you?  What are you planning for 2014?

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