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My Goal…100 Push-ups!

100 pushupsMy favorite exercise is the push-up. It is great for upper body and core strength, and you don’t have to have any equipment to do it. I remember my good friend Karrie, who is a personal trainer, telling me that when she is pressed for time with her clients, she likes to do push-ups because they are such an efficient strength exercise. Since I don’t do sit-ups because of the pelvic floor muscles, the push-up is one of the main abdominal exercises I do.

My husband James found a great site called one hundred pushups. It is a progressive push-up training program that you can follow to help you reach a goal of 100 (or whatever goal you set) push-ups! Wow! That’s a lot of push-ups! 50 push-ups was my goal until I saw this website, and now I am feeling the challenge! 42 is the number of push-ups I can do in a row (that is on a good day). So I realize I have a long way to go.

Yesterday I wrote a post about making the decision to exercise and setting goals. I mentioned writing them down to make them more concrete.. So I am going to follow my own advice, write it down, and make my goal 100 push-ups. Yikes!

Has anyone tried this method? Any other one? Let me know how many push-ups you can do and how you get them done. Maybe we can do it together…

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