New Lily

I’ll Have the Tiramisu

dessertMy husband and I went out for dinner the other night, and after a delicious main course, the waiter asked if we wanted dessert.  I was already full and would have been just fine leaving right then.  But James asked to see the dessert menu (I’ll just blame it on him).  We decided on coffee and the Tiramisu. When it came I was glad we hadn’t ordered two because it was a large serving…at least 500 calories large!  But I dug my spoon in and savored every bite.

I think we should enjoy the good things in life and not feel guilty about them.  Not that Tiramisu should be an every night affair, but once in a while a good dessert goes a long way.  Recently I tried not eating sweets at all.  I wanted to see if I felt better and had more energy. I didn’t make it very long.   I’ve decided that when I do things in an extreme way, it doesn’t work out very well.   When it comes to diet and nutrition, I’m better off allowing myself  to have a treat every now and then, rather than depriving myself and craving it all the more.

Yes, Tiramisu is not low-fat or low calorie.  But it is really tasty, and I am glad I indulged!  It isn’t a coincidence that it is an Italian dessert.  I love Rome, and because James has business there, we have taken our older children there twice.  Besides the Vatican and the Piazza Navona at night, my favorite thing about Rome is the food.  Actually, it’s really the way the Romans eat that fascinates me.  They take time to savor their meals and linger long after the courses are over.  Even the way the Italians drink their coffee is different.  You don’t see anyone walking the streets in Rome carrying a cup of coffee the way we do with our Starbucks here in the U.S.  Instead, their coffee is done Espresso style and they drink it in coffee bars over good conversation.  It is meant to enjoyed, not taken on the run. I’m trying to do this a little more with the food I eat…to take time to savor and really appreciate a meal.  So, the Tiramisu the other night was thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to doing it again… just not real soon!

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