New Lily

Go For an Early Morning Run to Quiet the Noise

I met my friend Stacy this morning at 5 am at the pool where our kids have morning practice every Monday.  It was dark and never got light until well after we returned from our hour and a half run.  The temperature was a little warm for my taste (especially for this time of year), and there was a mist in the foggy air.  It was beautiful, though.  Just a few streetlights were on and the Christmas lights on the homes and in the yards we passed presented a soft early morning glow.  And it was quiet.  That is something I long for in these busy December days.

I came across an article by Janis Meredith ( talking about ways to quiet down during the “loud” holiday season.  Running is one way to do that.  Even better yet, running in the dawn (or even pre-dawn) hours helps to clear your mind and bring focus on the important things of the day.  I enjoy running with a friend, but even alone, there is something special about an early morning run.  Everywhere we go these days there is noise…mostly good noise like music and laughter… but lots of noise (have you ever noticed the noise of a cash register). It is easy to feel a little Grinch-like,  put our hands up to our ears and want to yell…”All the noise, noise, noise, noise!”

Janis has some suggestions for activities to do with kids to halt some of the noise…look at the stars…make a bonfire and roast marshmellows…read the Christmas nativity story around the tree.  I would add…go for a run in the dark morning hours and clear your mind.  What do you do to quiet the noise a little?


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