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Go Ahead…Eat that Snickers Bar!

candyWhat is one of the best things about running a marathon on October 30?  It’s followed up by October 31st …Halloween …the very next day!  It’s Wednesday and I am still reveling in my no running, lounge-happy, soreness-fading, post-marathon “days off”.  And it couldn’t be better timed with all the Halloween chocolate hanging around.  I am a self-admitted sugar-head who finds my kids’ Halloween candy no matter how hard they try to hide it from me.  Right now I am enjoying my new favorite, the Almond Snickers…so good.  I am not concerning myself with the calories or sugar at the moment, but I do have to wonder…how much of a workout should someone do to recover from eating three- four (okay..five to six..but that’s the small size) Snickers bars?

I would guess about 30 minutes of high intensity exercise should do the trick. And if you are going to raid your kids candy stash…I do recommend the Snickers bar for its protein content.  Searching to find out whether the Snickers is actually as healthy as I hope it may be, I found the following excerpt from Men’s Health magazine. So I’m taking their word for it, and indulging.  How about you?  What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

From Men’s Health:

“About that Snickers bar…Beneath that unassuming exterior is a thick seam of peanut-packed potency. It’s these mighty little nuts responsible for the low saturated-fat ratio, cramming in high-quality protein and heart-healthy monosaturated fats. And since the recipe was reformulated in 2006, there’s no secret sucker-punch from trans-fats either.Meanwhile, B vitamins keep a lid on stress by relaxing nerves and muscles, while ensuring energy levels are stoked. Chocolate ups serotonin levels to lighten your mood. Wrap these in a caramel blanket for a mean chocolate bar. Stick that in your snack gap, Twix!”

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