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Fell Off the No-Sugar Wagon? Don’t Worry…Try, Try Again

If you are like me, sugar cravings lurk even when you least expect them. I have always been a lover of sweets. Over the years, though, I have tamed the sugar beast…at least a few times. It usually comes back though…sometimes out of nowhere, sometimes slowly and slyly. Recently the beast snuck up on me…just when I was feeling confidently in control.

Maybe you find the scenes familiar… just one Hershey’s kiss after dinner. Just a tiny Dove chocolate while the kids look at books at Barnes and Noble. Just a few licks of the tempting blond brownie batter (I just had to make them homeade to send to our son at college). A taste here, a nibble there and soon I’m back into sugar like I never had left it….

Like any true addiction, sugar has to be faced square on…and it needs to be battled stridently, not casually…at least in my case! However, I also understand that when I go extreme about something, it can backfire. Which is why I found this article about eradicating sugar with a four-week plan especially interesting and timely. Here is the link to the Spark People article…let me know what you think. What are some of your suggestions for facing up to the sugar beast? Do you think it’s best to erase it for good…or to simply cut-back on sugar?

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