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Ever Tried Two a Day?

exerciseTwice a day workouts? That’s insane, right? Well, maybe not. When we hear about people exercising twice a day (who aren’t college or professional athletes) most of us think of workout junkies…or maybe even those with addiction issues. However, I have changed my mind a bit on this issue. I think it depends mainly on the kind of workouts we are doing, and also what kind of rest we are getting.

Lately I have found myself working out twice in one day occasionally. I wake up early to run and then I might get a 30 minute core/pelvic flour or weight workout in later. This has only been an option as my children have gotten older and more self-sufficiant. There are three advantages that immediately come to mind to exercising twice in one day. The first, oddly enough, is thhat it allows me more rest. While this might seem contradictory, it isn’t. When I fit in two workouts one day, I am more apt to seek a full day of rest soon thereafter. I feel more rested and healthy when I exercise, say four days a week and two of those days I have fit in a second workout, than if I exercise six or seven days with a single workout each day. As long as my secondary workout is something different in quality from the first, I actually think I am less susceptible to injury as well.

This is where the type of workout is key. I find that a core/strength workout or a yoga/pilates style routine are perfect for secondary workouts. The core and strength exercises can enhance a previous cardio workout because it is more anaerobic. It also is a boost to our metabolism. As far as the yoga or pilates type of exercise, it is extremely beneficial for stretching out and lengthening the muscles, especially after a morning run, which often tightens them.

Finally, on a more personal note, I feel like even one twice-a-day workout a week allows me a lot of leeway for the rest of that week. I know that if I have pushed myself twice in one day, I am more relaxed about the next few days. In other words, if I plan to run one morning, but feel too tired, I am more apt to skip that day having done a double previously. This is important for me, since there was a time when I felt like I had to workout everyday (or close to it) to stay fit. Since I started 9 Kid Fitness almost six month ago, I have explored different kinds of exercise because I want to be more informed and I would like to be at least basically knowledgeable about various kinds of workouts. Because of this, I have exercised more in the last few months than I normally would. I think this is why I have become open to a second workout, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how I feel. The second workout is often done at home, with my kids nearby, usually in the late afternoon or evening when it is less interfering.

Obviously two-a-days only make sense if you are not feeling that they cause pain or injury. It is also important to keep track of our nutrition on those days, making sure to eat adequate protein and drink lots of water or an extra sports drink.

How about you…ever tried two-a-day?

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