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A Thank-you to my Husband

I feel fortunate to have a supportive husband who very much encourages my “9 Kid Fitness” lifestyle. In fact, it was my husband James who first suggested I start sharing my experiences with other parents who are trying to live active, healthy lifestyles as well. And so today I just want to thank him. As I write this, I am flying with my two oldest sons, Charlie (#1), and Thomas (#3) to Miami and then on to Kingston, Jamaica where we will be on a week long mission trip. As we fly, James is somewhere on a highway in a Ford Club Wagon 15-passenger van traveling with five children (one of whom is a toddler) and two dogs down to Florida where we will meet him in a week.

So thank you, James! Thanks for all the mornings you ignore my early alarm only to wake up a few minutes later, with me out the door and a crying baby to settle, or kids to wake up and hustle off to practice, etc. Thanks for all the runs you have watched me race and especially for the runs we have shared pushing one, two or even three kids at once. Thanks for all your help and encouragement of 9 Kid Fitness. I could not do any of it without you.

One of my favorite things to do, as the kids have gotten older, is to slip away at night to run alone with James, when we can simply catch up and spend some time together. I try not to take this for granted, although it doesn’t happen often. Finally, thank you for being an inspiration to me and the kids in all of our athletic endeavors. Even when we don’t think things are possible, you always do!

Who is your support in your life of fitness? Share with us who you would like to thank!

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