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A No-Run, Very Good Day….Happy Thanksgiving!


My college kids and friends cooking in the kitchen

I can’t remember a Thanksgiving day when I didn’t wake up early to run.  I can’t think of one!  Today was a first.  We have kids home from college and they all came in last night. Some by plane and some by car.  One brought a girlfriend, one brought two friends who live on the west coast and couldn’t get home.  We also have good family friends who come every Thanksgiving.  I was up late greeting them and getting some baking done.  I didn’t hit the bed until well after midnight.

Back in the day I would get up early on Thanksgiving and run regardless of how tired I was.  It’s not that I would not have loved to run this morning when the alarm rang at 6:45 am, it’s just that I had other priorities that took precedence.  I was up late talking to my older kids…. and then up later still…waiting until everyone was in bed.  Waiting until that old familiar feeling of peace and calm fell over me; that feeling of contentment that comes from knowing all your children are home, under your roof.  It’s a rare thing for us, and if my eyelids hadn’t been so heavy I would have laid there for a long time just listening to the very full, very quiet house.

I fell asleep appropriately thankful.  I started the day that way too, grateful to God for family.  Instead of a run, I was happy to get breakfast ready….wake up the kids to head to Mass and then get back to start the day-long preparation for a deliciously wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister’s house.  30 of us gathered around three turkeys, plates of stuffing, and dishes of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Now I am home again, watching a movie with the younger kids, and waiting for the older ones to return from a movie.  I am still filled with the gratitude that I felt as I began my day… It was a good Thanksgiving.

Now I can’t wait to wake up and go for a run.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Hope it was filled with love.


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