New Lily

A Power Nap is Pretty Powerful

NapI can’t remember anything else on the list. Just #5.
It read, Take a cat nap everyday. At the time I thought it was a quaint and old-fashioned idea. But not a very practical one. Once my older kids weren’t napping anymore, I figured I had to give mine up as well. The list was given to me by a friend. It was 5 Things Busy Moms Need to do Everyday. Having forgotten the other four long ago, I now understand the wisdom in #5!
Whether our work is at home with kids, or out of the home, a daily cat nap is invaluable. I try to steal one at least three days a week! Ideally, I should be doing it everyday. I am totally amazed at the difference in how I feel after I close my eyes and really try to rest (in quiet) for 20 minutes. A power nap is like a free version of 5-Hour Energy.
Here are just a few of the rewards of a 10-20 minute cat nap: improved brain functioning, renewed energy, and looking and feeling better. Closing your eyes for a power nap is more difficult to do if your work is at an office, but it is not impossible. Sleeping is not the goal. Just closing your eyes and trying to relax for at least 10 to 15 minutes is all you have to do to reap the benefits of a power nap. There is nothing old-fashioned about that! I would argue, in fact, that we need a daily nap in today’s world more than ever before!

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