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What is Your Favorite Energy Bar?

energy barsMy favorite energy bar is the Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar (fudge graham flavor).
I grabbed one yesterday on my way to my daughter’s swim meet. It almost tastes like a candy bar so I have to wonder how nutritious it is! The label says 15 grams of sugar, which is a lot. But the protein is also high, which means it satisfies for a long time. In my crazy life of running kids around, I rely on energy bars a lot.
I don’t know much about the science behind the Zone bar, except that it is based on the 40-30-30 way of eating. That is the one that says that 40% of calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 30% from fat. Actually, the ranges are really 35-50% carbs, 25-35% protein, and 20-35% fat. So, according to the Zone Perfect diet, each meal or snack should incorporate those levels.
But I am really not that interested in any of that. I just like the way it tastes. Unfortunately my kids really like the Zone Bars too, and I have to hide them or they will be gone before I can get my hands on them!
What are other busy moms eating on the run? Do you have a favorite energy/nutrition bar you can recommend?

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