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9 Foolish Reasons I Never Did Yoga… And 9 Reasons I am Going to Start

yoga1.“Yoga isn’t really a form of exercise.”
This is really funny when I think about it now. My friend recently took me to Yoga Flex and we did the hour and a half Power Yoga class. I wasn’t 20 minutes into the class before I realized how far out of my league I was. Out of the 15 or so of us taking the class, I was one of the least “fit”. These women were in amaziyng shape, and when I asked them what other form of exercise they did, most of them said yoga was their main source of fitness. Yoga is serious exercise!
2. “Yoga is boring”.
I have to admit to being a little bored at first. But as the class went on, and I had to focus on the various positions I was doing (attempting to do is more like it), the hour and a half was over before I could think about boring. [Read more…]