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A Look at The Pregnancy Project DVD (Guest Post)

A different way to work out during pregnancy…The Pregnancy Project DVD.

The following is a guest post from Kallah Oakes who is pregnant with her second child.  I saw Kallah when she was only a few weeks along, and she told me she was planning on using The Pregnancy Project DVD throughout her second pregnancy.  I had not heard of this method, and so asked if she could share with us a little about how the exercise program works and how she is faring (she is almost six months pregnant now).  I wished that I had learned about this kind of exercise when I was pregnant as I think a lot of the running that I did was hard on my joints, etc.! I was especially interested in what she says about our mindset during pregnancy in regards to exercise.  It’s good to workout but we shouldn’t be “results oriented” while we are allowing a child to grow inside! So true!

Enjoy…and let us know if you have used the DVD and how you rate it! [Read more…]