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Mom: Your Kids Love Your Squishy Hugs!

From Whitney:  The following is an important article for moms to read.  As someone who enjoys fitness and has an interest in it on many levels, I am more importantly a mom…which is why this article really hit home!  I think exercise and staying fit help to make me a better mom.  That being said, I also realize that we can put too much emphasis on fitness and it can interfere in our job as a mom.  I can say, however, that I haven’t ever truly thought of any of this from the eyes of my children.  Dr. Meg Meeker writes about how children do not see whether their mothers are fit, look good, or have a six pack…in fact they probably would rather they be a little on the “soft side”.  It is definately good food for thought!!!  The following is the entire article from Dr. Meg Meeker’s website:

Mom: Your Kids Love Your Squishy Hugs

mom trying to zip her jeansFind me one American mother who doesn’t want to tweak something about her body, and I’ll pay you $100. [Read more…]