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One of Coach Dan’s Favorites: Kenyan Outbacks

kenyaI don’t know about you, but sometimes the same old run can get a little stale.  As a cross country coach, I am always looking for something different that is both challenging and fun at the same time.  I asked Coach Dan for a favorite running workout and he told me about Kenyan Outbacks. After doing this today with my cross country runners, I realized that I could also include it as a part of my marathon training.  I can’t wait to tell my running buddies about it…I know my friend, Susan will be up for it! Even if you run solo, this is a different way to get some fast stuff in without doing a full blown speed workout on a track (something I usually avoid like the plague).  Coach Dan used this a lot when he was coaching his running club in Minnesota in preparation for their marathons. [Read more…]