New Lily

Carrie’s Delicious Garlicky Alfredo

I realize I’m going to sound very contradictory with today’s recipe (not the slow carb way I wrote about Monday), but it is what it is. Our family is very fortunate this week to have my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (Carrie) visiting from Chicago. Of course we are just happy to see them, but there is another reason we are excited to have them here. Carrie graduated from the Johson and Wales Culinary Program. Her specialty is sauces and her favorite is Italian food…tonight she is making Alfredo. Although I am trying to eat healthy the next week before my marathon on Oct. 31, there is no way I’m passing up “Garlicky Alfredo” made by someone who really knows what she’s doing. Although I definitely know how to feed lots of people, my kids will never say that I am a chef… and I am OK with that. Needless to say, the whole family appreciates a real chef. [Read more…]