New Lily

Nine Great Christmas Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

1. Personalized Water bottle. Whether we run, swim, do yoga or lift weights, we all drink water before, during, or after we workout…so a water bottle is something most fitness lovers always need! And buying bottled water is not a cheap way to go. Stainless steel bottles work well because they can be put into a dishwasher to clean and they are very durable. Try the Sophiefont water bottle from the Catholic Company (of course I am going to put a plug in for our company…but these are really good looking and totally unique)!

2. Garmin Watch. These are not cheap, but are great for the runners on your list, especially if they might be training for a race soon. I don’t have a Garmin, but most of my running buddies do and they love them (maybe a little too much) for keeping track of splits, mileage, and average pace per mile. Although I have always fancied myself as a purest who doesn’t even wear a watch much of the time, I have to admit to asking my friends for all the data their Garmins have collected on a run. [Read more…]