New Lily

Healthy Apple Cobbler…Really!

As a rule I don’t like those desserts that are touted as healthy.  I mean, come on…dessert is dessert; that’s the whole point.  But this apple cobbler is truly an exception to my rule.  I think one of the keys in this recipe is to use  flavorful apples like granny smith, gala, and fuji.  They are tart, but sweet and so the sugar is less important in the recipe (although you still gotta have it).  Although it calls for real butter and a little sugar, in my book that equals pure ingredients not necessarily unhealthy ones. But you can substitute with other ingredients too. As fall approaches and the days are a little cooler (it’s in the 60’s today in Charlotte), apples are all over the grocery stores.  So grab some and enjoy this awesome cobbler recipe that I tweeked from one I found in Bon Appetit. Although the miso isn’t cheap, its worth it for this recipe. [Read more…]