New Lily

Local Fitness Promotions Online…a Good Deal?

I bought a “deal” today online. Although I have been receiving group coupon promotions on my phone, I usually don’t give them much more than a glance. But this one I had to re-read three times to see if I had it right: 20 outdoor boot camp or yoga classes, five oxygen therapy sessions (whatever that is), three 45 minute Far Infrared Jade massages (whatever those are) + 15 minute foot massage, two personal training sessions, 30 Day Diet Plan and Body Fat Evaluation, RMR (metabolic rate) testing…. for $20 from Anytime Fitness. Too good to be true? Maybe. I mean they claim the value at $534, and say it is a savings of 96% ($514)! I was number 165 to accept the promotion. That’s a lot of people for a fitness class, not to mention to schedule massages and “oxygen therapy” sessions. [Read more…]