New Lily

Healthy Meals for New Parents

food I ran into a friend the other day whose son had recently been in the hospital. I asked him if I could bring a meal over, and his response surprised me a little. He said, “Thank you, but no! We have to start eating lighter now. Everyone has been so kind, but I’ve had enough carbs to last a long time!” He wasn’t being rude, he was simply saying what a lot of us know is true; that the meals most of us bring to families are laden with carbs and sugar. I am guilty. I have a staple recipe called Chicken Pasta Casserole, and that is what I normally bring to families, along with bread and salad. I also typically throw in some brownies for dessert! This conversation got me thinking about different meals that might be better choices for new moms (or anyone else who might need a meal) instead of the standard fare. In searching for an answer to this question, I found a great site called Annie’s Eats…, and she had an article in her archives about this very subject: Meals for New Parents. Summer seems just the time to send meals using fresh fruits and veggies, and to try something new!

What are some healthy non-traditional meals that you have shared with other families in need?