New Lily

Love Those Lentils!

As I near the end of my marathon training I am mindful of healthy eating, and on the lookout for yummy, good-for-you meals that are high in carbohydrates. The weather is beginning to cool and for me that’s always a good excuse to make soup. Convincing my family that soup (and bread) is a complete meal is another story.

But my family does like my curried lentil soup. When we used to live in Bloomington, Indiana when my husband was in law school, I used to stop by this great health food store where they would make a soup of the day. Their lentil soup was incredible – I sooo wish I had asked for a recipe! Because they made soup everyday, they had a base of veggies to work from, and I think that might be what made it so good. Whatever their secret, it worked! [Read more…]