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drill sergeant
MOVE is a word my sister-in-law is thinking about lately. I talked to her a few weeks ago on the phone and she told me that word is on her mind because she has decided to make it her axiom. It is her rallying cry to get her to …well…to Move.
Maybe we all need a little motto to do the things that we really don’t want to do. For her, it is making time for fitness. Whether lifting some free weights or going for a walk, she has decided that she needs to stop the excuses and get moving. So throughout the day she thinks …Move!

It made me wonder, what word could motivate me to do things I really don’t want to do? Could one word challenge me in the same way that the word move challenges my sister-in-law? I thought about it. I am a procrastinator. Whether it is the laundry piling up, the call to the insurance company I need to make, or getting the dogs to the vet, if I can put it off till later, I will! I use the excuse that I am too busy… I can’t possibly get to that now. The truth is that I will be “too busy” for a long time! So I have decided that my one-word motto is NOW. Get the laundry done Now. Call to make an appointment Now. Clean that closet Now. I am beginning to think there might be a little drill sergeant that tiny word!

What is your motto? Can you come up with one word that will challenge you to do something you know you should do, but don’t really want to? Share it with us!

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