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MIT’s Help to Keep me From Spinning my Wheels

I have not had a lot of energy lately and I have gotten stuck spinning my wheels. A bug (flu-like) hit our house and some recent health news about a family member have kept me from a goal oriented attitude daily. But spinning my wheels is not getting me anywhere! I need to rethink my daily tasks to get me back on track. One way to do this is to think about my MIT’s each day. I remember reading about this and implementing it in my life a few years ago…but since then I have lost sight of this practical habit. What are MIT’s? Most Important Tasks of the day. By thinking about two or three MIT’s every morning and writing them down, I am telling myself that no matter what else I do today, these are the tasks I must accomplish.

After starting my day with physical and spiritual exercise, I decided that today I would get back to focusing on the days’s MIT’s. So I wrote them down. Todays’s are 1. Call my insurance company, 2. Write a thank-you note, 3. Sign my daughter up for swim lessons. I realize this isn’t rocket science, but for me it is remarkably important to write down MIT’s each day in order to ensure some productivity. When it comes to my fitness and my spiritual life, I have certain things I do each day to keep me on track, and when I can’t do those things I feel a little off. However, I know that sometimes it is all I can do to just keep all the moving parts of our family life going and I can’t simply exist in an auto-pilot mode. Becoming more task-oriented is one way that I have found to keep up with daily life, even when illness or fatigue set in.

Writing down the tasks is crucial to accomplishing them. If I just think about the tasks of my day…I often forget or lose the motivation to actually carry them out. I have to write them down and then cross them out as I do them, if I am going to rely on this as an effective goal-oriented method. Sometimes it’s the simple things we do that make the biggest difference. My MITs are simple but effective!

How about you…? What do you do when you feel like you are spinning, but getting no where?

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