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Injuries…No Fun!

injuryI am presently dealing with a strange shoulder injury. I say strange because it sort of came out of nowhere. I began to feel it a few months back but not necessarily after a workout or anything. It hurt when I would reach back to say, buckle my seatbelt or something. It didn’t hurt all the time, either. Some weeks would be pain-free and others I would feel it all the time. It didn’t become consistent until about four weeks ago…right before I started to ramp up my push-ups. Of course, the push-ups didn’t help matters!

The strangest part of all, however, is that my twin sister, Susan, has the same thing going on. Same shoulder, same place. Neither of us were doing any heavy strength training or any swimming, either. Physical therapist, Alan Tyson, owner and founder of Architech Sports believes it is bursitis. He suggested ice and Ibuprofen (I’ve been taking 600 milligrams two times day for about a week now). The hardest part is trying to lay off it (which means no 100 push-ups for a little while…bummer). It really wasn’t feeling any better until the last few days. I’ve finally noticed a small change, and I am hopeful I might be getting through it. I believe now that the reason it wasn’t improving was that I wasn’t aggressive enough about treatment. When I started to get serious about Ibuprofen and ice, I began to slowly feel better. I really don’t like to take medicine, which is why I resisted taking Ibuprofen at first. But I have to remember that Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, and together with the ice, inflammation is reduced, and the healing process can begin.

Luckily, I can still run and do other things for fitness. Susan, however,is still healing from a broken toe, and so this recent shoulder problem added insult to injury! Anybody else presently on the injured reserved list? What type of injury are you plagued with? What are you doing about it? How are you getting your exercise in?

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