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Recent Workouts

Technical difficulties prevented me from adding updates to my workouts.  Here are my latest (I actually did workout between Jan. and June…but I lost all my content!  Kind of ironic actually since I have been dealing with a foot injury…plantar facsitis…ugh!)

6/24/2015 Today I walked.  I walked for one hour while #8 had swim practice.  It was already 93% at 9:30 when I started.  But it felt great to sweat.  I was supposed to get up at 6 am to meet my sister, Susan.  But she texted early to say she couldn’t do it so I pushed snooze and decided NOT to run, but to walk instead since it was later when I finally could get out.  Had a great workout though.  NOTE TO SELF:  Don’t forget how awesome a walk can make you feel.

6/23/2015 Awesome 7 am barre class.  Used 6 and 3 lb. weights and did squats, lunges, tons of arm work, and a whole lot more before we even got to the barre…

6/22/2015 Ran with my sister, Susan and her dog Maggie for 55 minutes in her neighborhood.




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